Medium Rigid (MR Class)

Get your MR Licence through Indi Drive

What is an MR?

Medium Rigid is the class of licence you will need to drive any motor vehicle with a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) greater than 8 tonnes with two axles or tow a single trailer (not a semi-trailer) not exceeding 9 tonnes GVM.

Many people from all walks of life and professions such as schoolteachers who need to operate a school bus to those such as Local Council Workers who need to operate a vehicle excess of 8 ton GVM and Retirees wanting to drive their larger motor homes will require an MR Licence.

All training is done in our MR vehicle with dual controls in and around the Joondalup area. Your Medium Rigid test will be scheduled with and conducted by the Department of Transport. There is no other option for gaining your MR licence other than to sit the test with the Department of Transport.

Flexible Lesson Times

Unlike Perth’s other bigger truck driving schools, we cater for those who may struggle to get to lessons during weekday office or traditional Monday to Friday business hours. We have late afternoon lessons extending into evening lessons and even do limited night-time lessons. We also do weekend and public holiday lessons. We give you the student flexibility to do your lessons at times that are convenient to you.

Prices and Packages for MR lessons inc. GST

* 2-hour block minimum required to sit PDA (test) - 1-hour lesson and test following lesson

All lessons and lessons including tests are fully payable before commencing your lesson.
Cancelation fees will apply if you cancel your lessons (See terms and conditions)

What do I need before doing a lesson?

  1. A current C Class Drivers Licence.

*Note you need to have held your C class licence for at least 1 year before sitting the MR Driving Assessment.

What are the steps I need to take to obtain my MR licence?

  1. Hold a C Class licence (Car – Manual or Automatic) continuously for a least one year prior to doing an MR test with the Department of Transport.

  2. Learn to drive our MR (Medium Rigid) Truck. You do not require a Learners Permit to have lessons.

  3. Complete an MR Driver’s Licence application form, take an eyesight test and pass the heavy vehicle theory test at the Department of Transport (Answer 10 questions with 8 out of 10 correct for a pass).

  4. Obtain your MR Learners Permit and receive your test entitlement.

  5. Book an appointment for a driving test date and time at the Department of Transport. We can do that for you.

  6. Pass the driving test.

*Note the earlier you apply for and gain your MR Learners Permit the sooner a test can be booked.
MR Learners Permits at the Dept. of Transport

We highly recommend a minimum 2 hour lesson before booking any lesson and test package. So that we can assess you (the student) on actual individual driving ability and competency and advise you on a package and a plan that has you passing the DoT assessment the first time.

6 hours (including the test) is the recommended minimum hours to reach a standard of competency in a manual synchromesh truck to pass a Heavy Vehicle DoT practical driving assessment.

With all purchases of packages students can choose:

  1. 6 hour package - can be broken up into 3 blocks of 2 hours.
  2. 4 hour package - can be broken up into 2 blocks of 2 hours.

Our industry experience shows - less than 5 hours spent training in total for MR truck driver training before a test is not recommended and may produce a less than desirable result in a Heavy Vehicle PDA (practical driving assessment) with DoT.

What will I need for my lesson?
  1. Students should be competent with a manual gearbox.
    (If you are not confident or competent or just got plain rusty driving a manual gearbox using a clutch we strongly advise having a refresher lesson or two with us in a C class manual car with duel controls before your start your MR lessons).

  2. Wear enclosed comfortable shoes such as runners or soft shoes. Heavy work boots including steel capped work boots are not acceptable footwear for lessons or tests and not permitted in the truck. Clean clothing must also be worn whilst taking lessons in our MR Truck.

  3. Bring your current C class licence. An MR Learners Permit is not required for lessons.

  4. If you would like to do your MR - Practical Driving Assessment (PDA) as soon as possible after commencing lessons. We recommend attending a Department of Transport Licencing Centre at the earliest opportunity to obtain your MR Learners Permit and Test Entitlement.

About your training truck
  • ISUZU NQR 450

  • GVM - 8700 kg (Gross Vehicle Mass = Maximum Vehicle Weight when loaded). Our training truck is the smallest truck available on the market which meets the minimum 8ton GVM for MR Class Lessons and Department of Transport Practical Driving Assessments.

  • Engine – 5.2 litre Turbocharged 4 Cylinder Direct Injection Diesel.

  • Gearbox (Transmission) – 6 Speed Manual. Synchromesh on gears 1-6. Note you will be driving gears 2-6 or like a 5 speed Manual Car.

  • Clutch – Auto Adjusting Hydraulic Clutch with Vacuum Assistance.

  • Brakes – Hydraulic Brakes with Hill Start Aid (HSA) or Hill Start Assist with ASR Traction Control.

About your Instructor


Mick is a qualified and licenced Heavy Vehicle Driving Instructor with many years of experience training the average and sometimes very ordinary car driver and turning them into safe confident heavy vehicle drivers. He is experienced training students to test success with LR and MR through to HR including HR Unrestricted Licences with RTO’s. He has a Heavy Vehicle Logistics and Mechanical Background and over two decades of experience managing and operating small businesses.

He holds a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics TLI41316 (Road Transport – Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction).

By the end of 2020 he will have had excess of 300 students successfully sit their test or PDA with Department of Transport (DOT). Mick’s MR Students Practical Driving Assessments boast a 1st time pass rate of over 90% for DOT tests. His experience working with RTO’s (Registered Training Organisations) is even more impressive with his students having a pass rate for inhouse heavy vehicle driving assessments exceeding 95%.

He is unlikely to put you forward for a test if you are likely to fail. You will never be rushed into a test with insufficient training or because a short course dictates you must take a test ready or not.

Mick has a firm and fair but patient approach to truck driver training. He understands that all students have differing learning abilities and levels of driving experience.

Cancellation Fees. Terms & Conditions

1. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel a driving lesson booking or the lesson fee will be payable.

2. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to reschedule a driving lesson booking or the lesson fee will be payable.

3. In the event of a "no-show" for a scheduled driving lesson at the arranged time or location the driving instructor will wait for up to 15 minutes and try every means to contact you. If you do not show up for the lesson, the lesson fee will be payable.

4. The driving instructor has the right to refuse to provide a lesson to a person who is unfit to operate a vehicle or suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

5. Learner drivers operating the vehicle are expected to carry on their person, their learners permit and abide by all state road laws while operating the vehicle. All fines and penalties incurred during a lesson by the driver are the responsibility of the driver.

6. Students can supply a doctors certificate and rebook without losing any entitlement as is the same policy at DoT if they give less than 24 hours notice.

COVID-19 POLICY – Indi Drive MR operates in line with the “WA COVID SAFETY PLAN”

When paying for and booking your lessons & lessons and tests you agree to comply with Covid Safety Plan guidelines as prescribed under the Western Australian Emergency Management Act 2005 and the Directions made under that Act including WorkSafe legislation.

In the MR Truck we use either Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers and or Proper Hand Washing Procedure (Soap & Water) as supplied with and on the truck prior to entering truck for lessons and testing. Our MR truck interior including all touch points are sanitised in between all lessons and tests and we encourage high levels of personal hygiene at all times. We practice social distancing at all times where practical.

In the current pandemic environment. We request you do not show for lessons or testing if you are suffering from any cold or flu symptoms or travelled from anywhere known to have community transmission of COVID-19 in the 14 days leading up to the day of your lesson or test. In the event you are sick and showing symptoms of cold or flu - pre-paid lessons or lesson and tests will be put on hold and you will be credited the lesson and lesson and test to be taken at a later date without a cancellation fee. A medical certificate will be required as proof in this instance.