Driving Instructor Lessons Available in Perth

How do I get a Driving Instructors Licence?

There are two ways to gain a driving instructors licence in Western Australia

1. Sit and Assessment through the WA Department of Transport

2. Complete a Cert IV in Transport and Logistics - Car Driving Instruction - TLI41218

Indi Drive can only offer driving instructor training using the first pathway. We are currently recruiting Car and Truck instructors in 2023. Please get in touch on 0484 220 888 to find out more about how you can join our growing team

The Motor Vehicle Drivers Instructors Act 1963 (WA) sets out the requirements for a driving instructor's licence, including:
  • A current Western Australian driver's licence.

  • Minimum of 3 continuous years experience driving the vehicle class you wish to teach.

  • Medical fitness standards.

  • Police character checks.

  • Minimum age of 21 years old.

an instructor teaching a driving student
The Government of Western Australia Department of Transport may issue Driving Instructor licences to applicants who;
  1. Pass a WA Department of Transport Theory and Practical Test

  2. Hold a recognised Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport - Car Driving Instruction) -TLI40210 or TLI41216 or TLI41218 (National Qualification);

For more information on either training process please contact Jazmin on 0484 220 888 or visit our contact page

  • Department of Transport Assessment

    The cheapest and most efficient way to become qualified as a driving instructor is to to a driving school and get trained to the standard of assessment. Once you have completed your training you are ready to sit your practical driving assessment PDA through the Department of Transport.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Get a National Police Clearance (less than 3 months old)

    2. Go into any Department of Transport (DoT) branch, complete an application to become a driving instructor and sit the 150 road law questions

    3. Book an appointment for a medical with your GP

    4. Get your driving instructor training with Indi Drive. Call us on 0484 220 888 to book your training

    5. Book your Practical Driving Assessment (a compliance officer from DoT will call you to arrange)

    You can find more information on the process for becoming a driving instructor on the Department of Transport website.
    What to expect from your Training

    The training is delivered 1-1 or in very small groups. Participants are encouraged to learn at their own pace as we can arrange training times based on individual needs. We will give you resources to assist with your training

    Training will include the following components:
    • Driver training with a professional instructor who will train you to drive to a driving instructor standard.

    • Step by step tuition on how to teach “L platers” including;
      cabin drill, blind spot demonstration, push pull steering, friction point, gear changing, system of vehicle control, leaving and returning to the kerb, lane changing, left and right turns, set position parking, “I’ve left something behind”, reverse parallel parking, hill starts/stops, “stop for shopping”, merging, log book requirements, mock tests and preparation for department of transport student assessments.

    • Control of the vehicle while a student is driving including emergency situations, taking evasive action and using the controls to teach a student new skills.

    • Sitting in on ‘live’ student lessons with an experienced instructor.

    • Learning how to read students behaviour through body language

    • How to retain students and attract new business

    Indi Drive's instructor training is based around the WA Department of Transport standards to ensure every participant understands current legislation and assessment criteria.

    For more information on the Cert IV requirments you can head to the Training Package. www.training.gov.au

    If you are ready to start training or are wanting more information
    contact Jazmin on 0484 220 888 or visit our contact page