Joondalup Department of Transport

"Leaving the Department of Transport Carpark - Joondalup Western Australia"

If you take your driving assessment at Joondalup Department of Transport, the main carpark is on the opposite side of the road. You must pay to park your car in this carpark whilst you are in the licence centre prior to and after completion of your assessment.

Our 3 main concerns leaving the carpark are

  1. Right of way obligation within the carpark
  2. Coming to a complete stop at the stop sign and right of way obligation at the stop sign
  3. Merging lanes after the first set of traffic lights

You can find a more detailed explanation of the right of way obligations on our learner driver guide

For our short video introduction to exiting the carpark at Joondalup Department of Transport see below:

In order to be as prepared as possible for your assessment, ensure you do lots of driving around the area in the weeks prior to your driving assessment. We would strongly recommend you find a local driving school to teach you the test area before you driving assessment date.

Posted in WA Driving Assessment help and Tips on Aug 03, 2021
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