Joondalup Assessment Centre Moving

The Joondalup Driver Vehicle Services (DVS) 65 Boas Avenue, Joondalup 6028 will close it's doors on May 19th 2023. As of Monday May 22nd, Butler DVS centre will open. The new DVS office address is 225 Butler Boulevard, Butler 6036.

The re-location of Joondalup licence centre has had an impact on driving assessment availability for those living in the northern suburbs. Although the new Butler DVS centre is due to open in 2 weeks, there are still no tests bookings available in Butler and no availability for Joondalup. This has resulted in learner drivers hoping to book a practical driving assessment (PDA) being told to "wait and see" after the 22nd of May. For all those learner drivers who were hoping for a test booking on their birthday, being told there is nothing available is beyond frustrating.

Joondalup has been the northern licensing centre hub since the closure of DVS Warwick over 20 years ago. I imagine the residents of Joondalup will be thrilled with the reduction in learner driver activity in the area. As a driving instructor conducting driving lessons in the Joondalup area for the last 10 years, I have had my fair share of angry Joondalup residents who were not pleased about their street continually being used for learner driver training.


The new Butler DVS is situated on a main street, Butler Boulevard which will access the Mitchell Freeway. There are many carparks within minutes of the new DVS location such as Coles Trinity, Aldi Butler, Spudshed Butler and Butler train station.

My best street guesses for those looking to practice "I’ve left something behind" on a driving lesson would be: Brampton Avenue, Butler 6036 Tywyn Lane, Butler 6036 Myrlea Trail, Alkimos 6038 Helmsley parkway, Alkios 6038

Once the assessors commence assessments in Butler, we will be able to give more accurate information on the best locations to do driving lessons in Butler and prepare for the driving assessment.

Posted in WA Driving Assessment help and Tips on May 08, 2023
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