How to do "Stop for Shopping" Joondalup

This is a post about the exercise "Stop for Shopping" in Joondalup Western Australia.

The Stop for Shopping exercise is one of the exercises you must complete on the Practcal Driving Assessment.

Explanation has been taken from the WA Department of Transport"How to Pass your driving Assessment" book:

"Imagine you have been looking for a particular shop and you have stopped just past the entrance to the car park, which is on a busy street. You need to turn into the next side street on the left, turn around in that street and come back and find a place to park in the car park next to another car. You will stop the car there as if you are going into the shop. In this task your two manoeuvres are:

  1. Turning around to go back
  2. Going into the carpark and parking next to another car

This exercise could include a forward, reverse or reverse parallel park. It is very importamt to learn how to do each of these parking techniques prior to attempting the driving assessment. Your driving instructor can teach you easy ways to complete each of the parking exercises.

Posted in Learning to Drive Tricks & Tips on Feb 12, 2020
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