Driving Lesson - Overtaking parked cars

In this short driving lesson, we take you through one of the most popular streets in Joondalup to learn how to overtake parked cars safely and correctly.

This driving lesson was filmed around Regents Park Road Joondalup 6028 but is relevant to all areas where you as a driver would need to overtake parked vehicles. There is not set “route” which you will take on your driving assessment. The areas which you will drive will take you through a range of traffic situations such as roundabouts, traffic lights, lane changing, left & right turns, giveaways, stop signs, parking and making safe and legal turn arounds.

We always recommend before sitting your driving assessment to practice as often as possible around the test area. There are many excellent driving instructors around Perth who can assist you in familiarisation of the assessment route and exercises. You want to be as prepared as possible before attempting your PDA.

For more information on how to pass your driving assessment check out our learner driver guide https://indidrive.com.au/learning-guide

Posted in Learning to Drive Tricks & Tips on Dec 21, 2021
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