Do you need a Medium Rigid Licence

Do I need an MR licence?

MR = Medium Rigid

“The MR licence allows you to drive vehicles with two axles and a gross vehicle mass more than 8000kg. It also allows you to tow a trailer with a gross vehicle mass of 9000kg.” – Department of Transport WA

A medium rigid vehicle that you would see on the roads day to day would be the likes of:

  • Small school buses
  • Isuzu flatbed trucks
  • Motor homes

Most students learning to drive an MR vehicle are doing so for job opportunities. An MR licence could be described as the “in-between” licence moving up from C class (car) but not as big as a Heavy Rigid (HR) which would be vehicles such as coaches & large trucks. Driving the MR vehicle is very similar to driving a car, a big car. You need to use your side mirrors and get used to navigating around a roundabout with the longer vehicle but it is a very achievable goal to get your MR licence. All MR driving assessments are conducted through the WA Department of Transport. You cannot sit an MR assessment through a registered training organisation (RTO) as is very common to do so with the HR licence. To book a Medium Rigid assessment you need to first obtain the MR learners permit and visit Transport WA online to make a booking, or if you are learning to drive with our MR instructor we can manage the booking process for you.
If you have more questions about how to get your MR licence give us a call in the office on 0484 220 888.

Posted in Medium Rigid Licence (MR) on Mar 25, 2022
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